Social sailing program 2018-2019

Social cruise dates for Trailer and Keelboats

To date this is what we have planned and of course it is conditional on the weather being suitable–no gales thank you.

No planned events yet!



2 thoughts on “Social sailing program 2018-2019

  1. Hello, my name is Bill and I have recently bought an old heron sailing dinghy that I am restoring, I am wondering if anyone in your club sails a similar dinghy that I may be able to crew for to get some experience in this size vessel as I have only sailed in 40 ft yachts previously and this will be very different I am sure.
    Regards Bill from Redhill.

    • Hi Bill
      At the moment we are only sailing Tasars but in the past Herons have been sailed a lot and we still have ex heron sailers in the club. If you would like to come along to the club once we start sailing on the 7th October we can see if anyone needs a crew or at least can take you out in a club boat to have a go. We are intending to run adult sailing classes which are conducted in Pacers. We haven’t set dates for the classes yet but if you are interested let me know. I guess if you have skippered 40 ft yachts you won’t be needing classes? We all arrive at the club just after 12.30 on the Saturday afternoon. cheers Tina Moore Rear Commodore RPPYC

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