Navy Cup             –

Given that we are all sailing in the same class the Navy Cup as a Yardstick competition has lost relevance – ie we dont sail against other classes, and thus just becomes another series. At Frank’s suggestion we have altered the format of the racing to a sternchaser.

This means that we aim to have a 100 min race and allocate different times for boats to start. Thus the faster boats will start after the other boats with the ultimate aim of all the boats finishing close together. Obviously this will be unlikely to happen given the fickle nature of our winds but it is the aim. However, it does give a different emphasis on the race, with all boats having to work hard to get to or stay at the front. Given that all the handicapping is done at the start of the race, the results are first over the line and times do not matter.

To add extra interest, we have introduced a crude but effective handicapping adjustment system for the next race, which goes like this. If there are 4 or more boats then the first boat gets 2 mins added to their starting time, 2nd boat gets 1 min added, last boat gets 2 mins taken off their Handicap and the 2nd to last boat gets 1 min taken off. All the middle boats stay the same. This enables quick adjustment for the next race. If there are only 2 or 3 boats then will only adjust by 1 min at each end.

Happy to answer any questions. (All bribes considered, but no action guaranteed)

Series 1               -Sailed in divisions in the first half of the season and handicap is applied. Usually 7 races. 2 drops are allowed.

Series 2               -Sailed in divisions in the second half of the season and handicap is applied. Usually 7 races. 2 drops are allowed.

Championship    – Sailed in Divisions across the season and determines the best boat in that division. Results are on Scratch rather than Handicap although both results are published. These races are also sometimes Series races as well. 2 drops are allowed.

Commodores Cup – This was introduced in the 2008 – 2009 season. There are  six heats in total, sailed over two weekends. First weekend in the first half of the season and second weekend towards the end of the season. The event is held on the Port Pirie Harbor using a triangular course. Results are based on line position with a handicap system applied.


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