Navy Cup

This year the Navy Cup a Stern Chaser. This means that we aim to have a 100 min race and using past handicapping data we try to get all the boats to finish close together. We aim to do this by starting boats at different times. So  the initial proposed starting times are
Bonanza at 0 mins
HeavyWeights at 1 min
5 o’Clock at 2 mins
Mr Bean at 3 mins
YakYetiYak and Summer Love at 6 mins.

We will alter the send off times using the following adjustments which aim to adjust quickly and over the season give everybody a chance of winning, all thing being equal. So the rules to change the Handicap are
The Boat which comes first goes out by 2 mins
The Boat which comes second goes out by 1 min
The Boat which comes last comes in by 2 mins
The boat which comes second last comes in by 1 min.
The boats in the middle and the DNC stay the same.

So for example today the order was 1 Summer Love, 2 Mr Bean, 3 Heavyweights, 4 YakYeti Yak. 2 others did not compete.

Thus the Handicaps for the next Navy Cup Race will be
Bonanza (DNC) at 0 mins
HeavyWeights at 1-1=0 mins
5 o’Clock (DNC) at 2 mins
Mr Bean at 3+1=4 mins
YakYetiYak at 6-2=4 mins
Summer Love at 6+2=8 mins.

Happy to answer any questions.

Richard Mackinnon, Handicapper


This is the original version of the Navy Cup rules

Yardstick racing where all boats compete over the same course and are evened up with Class Yardsticks applied. These Yardsticks are standard measurements which change the times depending on the class sailed. This allows all classes to be competitive. 7 races in a season with one drop allowed


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