Hints and tips for cruising boats

The intention of this page is to offer information about cruising on Spencer Gulf and boat tips that sailors have found work in our conditions. It is open to contributions from the sailing community in the upper Spencer Gulf and further abroad as there is a wealth of experience out there. If you have something to offer email me through the contact form and I will add it to the page.

First piece of information concerns good anchorages for fixed keel boats and anyone not wanting to wait for the tide to be able to go into a creek for shelter.

The ‘Horseshoe’ on the north eastern side of Ward Spit is a good place with options for anchoring in permanent water or sitting in the shallows and going dry overnight if you can lift your keel and rudder-blade. This screenshot shoes Ward Spit at high tide but you can clearly see the ‘horseshoe’ With the correct anchor* it has good holding under most conditions. The shortest shallow area close to the mangroves can be motored across at high tide to save time going all the way around Ward Spit if you can lift your keel up. It has about 1 meter of water over it except on low high tides. You need a 2 metre tide to make the crossingScreen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.24.46 am