Cockle Spit Cricket Match

 I am canceling the Cockle Spit cricket match for this year due in large part to the wind forecast which has been borderline for the last three days showing about 15 knots during the time we would be playing cricket and increasing as we make our way back, the experienced sailors wouldn’t mind these conditions but there will be people that may not have any sailing experience and I am not going to chance spoiling what should be an enjoyable day.  The actual wind speed has been consistently above the forecast 

 This will also alleviate any health issues that people may have in light of the coronavirus about being in close contact with other people on small boats 

Cockle Spit 2020

The date is set for the 22nd March 2020

weather permitting.

The spit comes out at 10am

Here is more information and articles about previous Cockle Spit Cricket—cocklespit-cricket-settles-regional-tensions/6359182

Here is some information about Cockle Spit that was found in the Doug Collins’ archives. We can only marvel at the scale of the event!!

Inaugural Cockle Spit notice

It was  a grand day out. Here are a few photos. For more check out our Facebook page 



Put this date in your diary More details will be advertised at a later date

BBQ Lunch

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 9.27.37 am




Watch the video from last year

Cockle Spit 2017



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