Discover sailing for beginners

Registrations closed on the 20th October for the Discover Sailing Day and as there were no registrations the event has been cancelled for this year. If anyone is interested in having a go at sailing come to the Club on Saturday at 12.30 and we can arrange for you to try out a Tasar after the racing. Or on the other hand we have a class of Junior sailing starting this coming Saturday so bring your children along to that for comprehensive sailing lessons.

Discover Sailing Day 2018

10am until 4pm come along and join in the fun. Lifejackets provided.

Meet us in the river side room at the Yacht club to sign on.

All ages and fitness levels welcome.

In affiliation with Yachting SA the Royal Port Pirie Yacht Club  aims to encourage more community members to become involved in sailing. Last season we held a Discover Sailing Day along with many other clubs in the state. This was a success for us and we held a follow up day for those who were interested.

If you are interested in sailing but don’t own a boat or have never tried sailing but think it might be fun then come along to the club on a Saturday afternoon to see how we can help you get started. We are all passionate about sailing in all it’s forms from racing to cruising and want to share that passion with the community

For more information about the Discover Sailing program look at the Australian Sailing site

Over the winter we have a lay of period as it is too cold for all but those in training for the Tasar worlds but we start again in October.  Please feel free to come along to the club on Saturday afternoons, using the entrance at the riverside  to meet our sailors.

If you would like more information then phone Alan or Tina Moore on 86632292


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