Vessel Register 2018

Trailerable Yachts and Keel Boats

Dazzy Bobbler Farr 5 Peter Major
Two Peas in a Pod Austral 24 Alan & Tina Moore
Scallywag Triton 24 Kaz Eaton
Esmerelda Keel boat Syd Smith
Colmik Careel 18 Mike Ryan
Oribi Careel 18 John Hobba
Celt Careel 18 John Major
Daphne Marie Ferro cement Hartley Gordon Schutt
Bilbo Baggins Catalina Murray Fitzgerald
Just Thinking Roberts 24 Len Smith



Turtle Holdie RPPYC
Jelly Bean Pacer RPPYC
 Fruitloop Pacer RPPYC
Seahorse Pacer RPPYC
Gazunder Pacer RPPYC
Splashdown Sabre R.P.P.Y.C
Yack Yeti Yak Tasar Chris Ramsey
 Strategy Tasar  Chris Ramsey
 Mr Bean Tasar Alan & Tina Moore
 Heavyweights Tasar Roger Crouch
Summer Love Tasar Richard Mackinnon
Got Ya Tasar R.P.P.Y.C
River Rat Tasar Wayne Barnett
Somewhere it’s 5 O’clock Tasar Shane Kelly
 Bonanza Tasar Frank Hackett
Mossie Magic catamaran Andrew Phillis
Carnage Farr 3.7 Matt Ervin

Radio Sailing yachts

White Nite  685 DF69 Mark Eckert



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